Palmerston Safety Guidelines

Dear members,

We are pleased to announce that Palmerston’s courts will be reopened from Wednesday 13th May following the guidelines set out by Government and specified in more detail by the LTA. Please abide by the guidelines as fully as possible to help maintain health and safety procedures and our wellbeing.

Courts should now only be booked online. Instructions on how to book as well as our guidelines can be found on this page. Please make sure you have read and understand them before booking a court.

The guidelines and processes for playing will be displayed on the outdoor noticeboards at the club as well as being highlighted on court entrances. We expect all players to be familiar with the requirements and adhere to them.

For information on the guidance, please see the LTA links below;

Player Guidance—covid-19.pdf

Coaches Guidance:—covid-19.pdf

Please note, playing is at your own risk. The clubhouse will also remain closed during this current period.

Although play is restricted, we hope you enjoy your tennis if you play in the near future

From the Palmerston Committee.

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